NIKOLAY STOEV, paiting 15-26.11.2022



Towers and Temptations




I am a happy artist. I walked the long way to myself and realized how important it is that what you do brings you pleasure and satisfaction. Not leaving you alone even when you sleep. Always in your thoughts. Then it ceases to be work. It becomes your essence, your life. Then reality and imagination mingle, the surrounding world fades, moves away, many things and events lose meaning, and it comes to be so that everything around me just happens between two pictures. Between the previous and the next one.

…I would like everyone who looks at my paintings, if by chance they have forgotten, to recall that life is beautiful. To remember that they too are of the race of flying people. Not to drive away the child in themselves and together, holding hands, to run away and wander off somewhere in the sky, lost in some very important work, which for some reason no one grown-up notices.
Nikolay Stoev