Arte Gallery Steps in Time – 12.12.2022-06.01.2023

Arte Gallery Steps in Time

Part I – the Drawing


Angel Stanev, Aneta Dragushanu, Angelo Krasini, Atanas Atanasov, Bozhidar Bonchev, Vasilka Moneva, Vladimir Morzohanov, Desislava Mincheva, Dimitar Nikolaev, Elza Goeva, Emil Pipov, Zahari Kamenov, Ziyatin Nuriev, Ivan Gazdov, Ivan Dimov, Ivan Rusev, Kalina Mavrodieva, Kiril Mateev, Kiril Meskin, Kancho Kanev, Lyuben Genov, Ludmil Lazarov, Milko Bozhkov, Nadezhda Kuteva, Nikolay Stoev, Nikolay Yanakiev, Rumen Malchev, Svilen Blazhev, Sevda Poturlyan, Stanimir Zhelev, Stanislav Pamukchiev, Stefan Lutakov, Yuliy Takov, Yana Petkova, Yasen Gyuzelev

The activity of Arte convinced us of one thing – the gallery definitely presented exhibitions of valuable authors with a prominent individual hand and plastic culture. The stylistic spectrum was broad, but excluded compromise names and works, which were also not uncommon in the emerging commercial environment.

Thus, Arte Gallery gradually attracted its own audience with high artistic criteria and established itself as an art center. It was perhaps on the sidelines of extremely innovative experiments, relied on established values and undoubtedly participated in the construction of artistic taste.

It provided its space and supported both the representatives of the generation that entered the artistic life as early as the 1960s, as well as the younger but already prominent figures in painting, sculpture and graphics. For more than ten years, it won its place in the panorama of Sofia’s cultural life.

And when in 2018 it moved to a new place – at 31 Buzludzha Street, it already had a circle of its own that followed it and continued to support its activities. In just three or four years since then, art venerators were given the opportunity to become acquainted with the achievements of many of our leading artists. And it was an honor for those artists to present their works in this particular gallery. The gallery maintained its respect for the masters of the older generation, but also more and more frequently was delighted to invite young authors with their new quests and discoveries. The range of plastic pens continued to be wide, the shapes varied, but high taste remained an indisputable condition.

We should admit that such a position is not easy. It implies culture, responsibility and a good acquaintance with contemporary art. And last but not least, it implies an attitude towards the artists, understanding of their nature, sympathy for their excitements and problems. Those are exactly the qualities that created the prestige of Arte Gallery. I have no doubt that they would guarantee its continued success.

Ruzha Marinska, 2022