Kiril Meskin, sculpture, 30.09.2020

Kiril Meskin


30.09. – 17.10.2020

One of the most original sculptors, Kiril Meskin, presents an exhibition at the Arte Gallery for the second time. Thе exhibition takes place not only in the interior space of the gallery, but there are also large-scale sculptures in an open environment – the courtyard of the gallery. Through his works the author confesses his adoration for the Woman – giving birth, nurturing, preserving, educating, inspiring, directing Life with tenderness and unsuspected power, with love and devotion. Kiril Meskin does not present specific portraits, his works are rather spiritual states of the Woman in her versatility: from the capricious girl, the innocence of youth, through the beauty and challenge of the naked body, the maturity and wisdom, the ushers and soothsayers to the spirituality of the Madonna. The author shares that in this exhibition there are also surprises, shared secrets and search for hidden knowledge. Most of the sculptors are made from his characteristic “Kirchov stone” – beautiful and multicolored.