Silvia Bogoeva- paintings and Martin Trifonoff- sculpture 15-30.06.2023

Arte Gallery presents “Bathroom”

Silvia Bogoeva- paintings and Martin Trifonoff- sculpture


This exhibition is a special award from a competition organized by the Young Bulgarian Artists Foundation in 2021. This is the first joint exhibition for Silvia Bogoeva and Martin Trifonoff, although their paths have been intertwined since the time of their earliest steps in fine art, when both are students at the Saint Luke’s National High School for Applied Arts – Sofia.
The decision of Arte gallery to provide space for this friendly meeting creates an atmosphere for sincere communication between the authors. It grows into a plastic equivalent of the way the two, with all their differences, talk in everyday life. And their conversation was always light and casual.
The general theme of the exhibition entitled “Bathroom” is a prerequisite for choosing subjects that allow Silvia and Martin to freely interpret the human figure as an object of their unrelenting interest.
Metaphorically, the personal monologues of the authors, without interfering with each other, enjoy mutual respect and admiration. The warm and expressive nature of Silvia Bogoeva is reflected in her picturesque paintings. In her canvases, one can feel the compressed accumulation of risky decisions related to color and composition. They seem to be a document certifying the turbulent life through which the person himself goes in his quest to saturate himself with indescribable experiences and glimpse unseen colors.
Lucky for viewers, the author’s physical need to translate her entire conglomeration of emotions into a visual language is also available. In this case, one of the happy consumers of what has been described is precisely Martin Trifonoff, who, for his part, is as much in life as he is outside of it. He chooses the slow process of sculpture, perhaps subconsciously.
Thanks to it, he gives himself time to calmly contemplate the slightest changes in surfaces and volumes. A choice testifying to a longing for tranquility and the joy of observing someone else’s reality and vitality. It is the ascetic means of expression and selection of materials that contribute to the delicate presence of Martin Trifonoff’s sculptures and reliefs, thus emphasizing even more strongly the powerful colors in Silvia Bogoeva’s work.