Emil Popov and Stanislav Pamukchiev, 9 – 29.11.2021

Emil Popov, EVE – sculptures

Stanislav Pamukchiev, PROTOSS – paintings

November 9 – 29, 2021

This exhibition is in a way a continuation of the creative meeting of the two authors from the exhibition “Beginnings” five years ago at the Arte Gallery. The sculptures dedicated to “Eve” and the paintings from the “Protoss” cycle are united by the commen essence seeking of the two iconic for Bulgarian visual culture artists, friends and supporters – Prof. Emil Popov and Prof. Stanislav Pamukchiev. It is no surprise to most of us that contrary approaches mutually enrich each other in this exhibition – aluminum or brass sculptures as opposed to paintings – objects with charcoal, ash and even in color.

“Protoss is a new cycle of paintings and drawings, part of a programmatic orientation towards original contents, which deeply define us and are the primary substance of our spiritual memory. I look for the traces of this memory in protosymbols and sign designations – a synthesized image, a response to the incomprehensible and the inconceivable. Circle, square, circle in square, spiral, cross like Tao or Anh, symbols of infinity, of the masculine and feminine – made of ash, charcoal, earth, wax, burnt and smoked, testify to a person’s path, to their spiritual ascent. We carry in our deep structures an original archetypal memory of these contents. This is the reason and the excitement: through the plastic interpretation of these images, to look for a basic, communicative field for meeting others. ” (Stanislav Pamukchiev, November 2021)

“As long as we remember, we are trying to express our images from the long past, settled somewhere deep, inwardly, invariably. In our own way, each of us in our present (time and place). One more time for The Rib after Тhe Creation“. (Emil Popov, November 2021)

At a time when it is increasingly difficult for us to look at ourselves, the exhibition returns the viewer to the original, sharpens the senses, provokes a desire for balance, asks questions….. some will find answers. Try it for yourself, on site in Arte.

Gergana Borisova, November 2021