Atanas Sharenkov, EQUINOXES, paintings 5-17.11.2020

Atanas Sharenkov




His paintings impress with delicate hues, peculiar points of view of the composition and with a specific medium type of painting – like a combination of watercolor and oil on canvas. He is interested in the Bulgarian landscape, which he interprets in the spirit of that what we can define as poetic, “magical” realism. The effect of the images arises from the complicated multi-component composition combining figures, objects, landscape and space in an organic whole.

Atanas Sharenkov is born 1943 in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria.

1961- He finishes high school in Haskovo.
1963-1969- graduates the Academy of the Fine Arts in St. Petersbourg, Russia-the Fine arts department.
1965-1969- At the Hermitage in St. Petersbourg he studies conservation and Restoration of Fine Arts and Mural painting, works under the guidance and the instructions of C. F. Konenkov. He is the first Bulgarian artist given a diploma in the Restoration of Fine Arts in Russia.
1969-1973- Sharenkov works as a Restoration artist at the Central Historical and Archaeological museum to the Bulgarian Patriarchаte. He restores an important number of icons and paintings in Bulgaria, i.e. in many churches, monasteries and museums. He visits four times the Mount of Aton where he restores icons from the Zografski Monastery.
1973 – He is an assistant professor at the Fine Arts Academy in Sofia. Lectures on technology and techniques of Fine arts paintings and Mural arts.

1976 –  He is member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists-Fine arts section. In his lifetime he has participated  in more than 70 exhibitions  in Bulgaria and abroad.
1983 – Defends a Doctor’s P.H. Degree candidate of Science of Art. His work is on “Technology and Techniques of the Bulgarian Renaissance icons of the 20-th century“.

1986 – His first own exhibition  in Haskovo.
1980-1991-He lectures and conduct practical exercises on the technology and techniques on ancient Bulgarian icons at the Cultural Centre of the town of Geras-Austria.
1991 – Atanas Sharenkov was awarded a Doctor’s PHD.
1992 – He organizes his own exhibition of paintings at Bayerische Bank Head office in Munich, Germany.
1974-1992 – He takes part in a number of scientific conferences on the problems of conservation of Bulgarian art works. Parallel to his scientific interests he creates lots of beautiful paintings and many Bulgarian and foreign galleries possess works of his. Sharenkov works on archaic translations treatise of fine arts and becomes author of the great book “The ancient Treatises on Technology and Techniques on Fine arts“-it represents two volumes and four books. That amazing work covers the period of the 1st century BC to nowadays.
1992- On the 26-th of July he passed away.

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