Ludmil Lazarov – paintings, 27.06.-12.07.2019




Arte Gallery is delighted to be presenting a Ludmil Lazarov solo exhibition for the third time (2006, 2012 and now in 2019). The exhibition brings together 10 paintings in the abstract manner of his art created in the last three years.

Ludmil Lazatov’s paintings are self-explanatory because of Things and Creatures that are just there and do not need to explain why they are there; they just are and that’s that. They fill our world like any other things and creatures. We do not ask whence and how, we do not need to search for significance or a right to existence; we just establish their presence, nothing more, nothing less. Unlike the traditional subject of painting relating to the real context in a more-or-less complex and motivated manner, Ludmil Lazarov’s objective painting is self-explanatory. It emanates such invincible likeness to truth that it does not even occur to us to question it. Despite the deep layers of paint transforming the painting base into a 3D object, we still sense the transparency. Transparency not in the physical but in the ontological sense, for it is transparency of an object that does not hide a single thing but remains reassuringly within grasp. And, yes, Lazarov’s paintings do possess that particular type of transparency, despite the abovementioned numerous thick layers of paint which should bear evidence to exactly the opposite, i.e. to a heavy substance.

 Dr. Emmanuel Mir


Ludmil Lazarov is born in Bulgaria. Graduated in Painting from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia in the class of Prof. Ivan Kirkov. In the period 1990 – 2004 he has lived and worked in Paris.

He has participated in group exhibitions at the Sofia Arsenal – Museum of Contemporary Art, the National Gallery of Bulgaria, European Parliament in Brussels and etc. His solo exhibition at Goethe institute in Bulgaria was in 2015.

Now he lives and works in Sofia.

Film about Ludmil Lazarov. Film director Valentin Valchev.

Video – Ludmil Lazarov