IVAN GAZDOV – A bigger Graphicature. Dual mood. 9-20.01.2024



A bigger Graphicature. Dual mood.


As a tradition, the “restless spirit” of Prof. Ivan Gazdov, is celebrating his name day in the ARTE Gallery. And in order to make his goal clear from the beginning – to improve the mood of the audience, he named his exhibition “Dual Mood”. It is double because it is created by the meeting of the feast with art and remind that they belong to each other. If there is no art in a celebration, it remains a domestic junket, if there is no celebration in an art, it becomes an edifying sermon.

And Ivan Gazdov – a master of wit, references and paradoxes, once again invites you to his art-festival, which, while entertaining you, walks you along the border between pose and authenticity, eroticism and transience, imagination and obviousness, self and otherness… To convince you that nothing is worth taking seriously, even the classics, least of all yourself. And he demonstrates it on his own back with 12 self-portraits and 12 graphics (cover versions of previous covers), components of his pencil-in-hand self-portrait.

Prof. Georgi Lozanov, January 2024