Elza Goeva, paintings – 30.06–14.07.2021



30.06 – 14.07.2021

“Elza Goeva’s paintings do not exist in isolation from each other. Muted lyrical subjects a sensation as though being seen through a king of ether – rhetorical in the universality of the various genres in which she works.

Elza Goeva imparts the spiritual into nature and into man. She is interested in the intellectual character of the subjective focused on the motive of the essential in man, in search of its intangible causality.

Every day, even in the quiet hours of the morning, Elza Goeva, who has entered her ninth decade, sets off in the direction of this idea, which only art carries. And she paints… What could be stronger than creating works over such a long period of time! On one her paintings, Frida Kahlo had written “VIVA LA VIDA”, or “Long Live Life”. For Elza Goeva, life is in fast not only long, but becomes obvious through its aesthetic result. Rare are our encounters with such pure perseverance, a testimony to the idea of turning our essence into something good. And as if into a greater story than fat…”

Kalin Nikolov

Elza Goeva
Born – July 27, 1928 in the village of Bolyarovo, Yambol district
In 1953 she graduated from the Art Academy, Sofia, where she studied painting under Prof. Panayot Panayotov.
Participated in regional exhibitions and exhibitions abroad – Moscow, Bucharest, Prague, Ankara, Istanbul.
She has made dozens of solo exhibitions.
Her works are at the National Art Gallery, regional galleries and private collections.
She lives and works in Sofia.