Vladimir Morzohanov, paintings – 19.11.-02.12.2019

Vladimir Morzohanov



Vladimir Morzohanov
Born – 1963, Sofia
Artist, translator and poet.
Since 1983 he has participated in joint art exhibitions.
His first solo exhibition was organized by the Arte Gallery in 2008.
In 2013, a second solo exhibition at Arte Gallery.
Some of his works are part of the contemporary art collections of the National Gallery, the collections in Plovdiv, Dobrich, Targovishte and Gabrovo. Collectors from the US, Russia, Germany, Switzerland and Greece also have pаintings of the Bulgarian.
However, Morzohanov’s place in the Bulgarian culture is quite peculiar and still not fully appreciated. Apart from being a magnificent master of the brush and pencil, Vlado is also a compiler, translator and illustrator of the luxurious bilingual volumes of poetry by Arseniy Tarkovsky and by Osip Mandelstam.