Elza Goeva, paintings and drawings 4-13.2023

“The Crown of Thorns” by Elsa Goeva
paintings and drawings
from 4 to 13 November 2023

Elsa Goeva’s exhibition in the “Arte” gallery marks her 95th anniversary with dignity. Contact with her art invariably delights us and fills us with joyful emotions. Despite her advanced age, she has preserved all the best that we have known her for years – finesse of plastic expression, delicate “trembling” of brushwork and texture, deep contemplation in the perception and in the transformation of a given visual motif.
The exposition includes oil paintings, pastels and drawings in which we see various landscapes, still lifes, figures, nudes, portrait sketches.
The artist sculpts outwardly simplified, at first glance trivial, but extremely rich in polychrome and monochrome tonalities, images that captivate the viewer with their immediate poetic charm. Natural elements and substances are wonderfully transformed into tonal extravaganzas. Dematerialization, the high degree of spirituality that the author achieves through formal combinations rich in gradations and gradations, finds a direct and immediate, unintentional path to the viewer’s perceptions.

Elsa Goeva is able to “weave” a complex network of plastic relations in the painting, where between the object and the environment, between the figure and the space, states of special “diffusion” are established, of a kind of active interpenetration. The artist is not interested in the fleeting and the temporary, but in the permanent states and suggestions of the respective motif. Her personal plastic idiom is “synonymous” with the natural purity of artistic expression and testifies to a deep inner peace. Leading, as a rule, are subtle emotion, penetrating artistic intuition.

Elsa Goeva is one of our most significant contemporary artists, a worthy successor of the best traditions in the centuries-old history of Bulgarian painting.

Prof. Ph.D. Chavdar Popov

The project is implemented with the financial support of the National Culture Fund.