Yuliy Takov, paintings, 8-21.03.2022

Yuliy Takov

“Reality is a Mystery”



Yuliy Takov was born in 1971 in Sofia, Bulgaria where he lives and works. In his paintings he explores the essence beyond the superficial and seeks to challenge the perceptions of what an image represents. He works in series and in each one of them focuses on a different theme. His artistic approach is to stimulate the imagination and to construct notions within the audience, the overarching goal being opening the mind of the viewer to the many meanings within the image and the interpretation beyond its visible bounds. The key themes he delves into are the ego, the concealed limits, freedom and the barriers people put before themselves. In his last works from “The Long Journey” series, the central subject is the artist and the perception of the relevance of his or her works. As he notes: “On one hand the artist is part of the society of his peers and his consequence is challenged. On the other, he replicates himself ad infinitum”. His works are characterized by strength of vision, vibrant spirit and masterful command of the medium.

Yuliy Takov has graduated from the “Jules Pascin” Art Academy, Sofia Bulgaria in 1995. He has had a number of one-person shows. His has been included in a number of national, international and curated exhibitions in Germany, United Kingdom, China, India, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Georgia and Poland. Some of these are: Image and likeness, Museum of Modern Art Zurab Tsereteli, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2019, National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015; Prof. Nikolay Maystorov and students, National Art Gallery Kvadrat 500, Sofia, Bulgaria 2018; „Caution: Wet Paint!“, Sofia City Art Gallery, 2015; Traveling Museum, Porcia Palace, Vienna, Austria; “Contemporary Bulgarian Art“, Beijing Jintai Art Museum, Beijing, China; National Gallery of Contemporary Art, New Delhi, India 2005.