Yana Petkova-Karakashova, paintings 13-29.02.204

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Yana Petkova-Karakashova



from 13 to 29 February 2024


“Traces of Memories” is the second solo exhibition of Yana Petkova-Karakashova in Arte Gallery. The presentation of the young artist deservedly finds a place again in the exhibition space, recognized in recent years as a haven for established artists whose work mark the contemporary Bulgarian art. In just a few years since the winter of 2021, when with the exhibition “Coasts and Rocks” she unequivocally took her place among them, today we can clearly trace her creative development.

The exhibition “Traces of Memories” presents selected works, among them landscapes revealing a virtuoso mastery of colored ink blots, also series of monotypes, landscapes and abstract oil compositions……………. see more

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