Yordan Katsamunski, painting 30.05.-13.06.2023

Yordan Katsamunski /1943-2015/



“Deeply harmonious and exquisite to the point of pain, Yordan Katsamunski’s world is solid and structural in its delicate, unobtrusive plasticity, achieved like some unmade matter blessed by the creator’s soul. A painting that begins, as it were, beyond the real – where the definite ends and the spiritual begins. In a time when delicate feelings are not in fashion, Yordan Katsamunski managed to preserve and maintain his innate purity of soul, he turned pain into a beautiful human effort, the night into a space of the spirit, the painting into a silence, which has everything – a cry, a stifled groan, unspoken truths, endless abysses and much, much humanity” (Svetlin Rusev, 2013).