Zahary Kamenov, paintings – 20.10-03.11.2020



Zahary Kamenov



„I do not know what comes first in the case of Zahari Kamenov. Whether it is the artistic impulse outlining a certain form that precedes the idea of the prehistoric traces on cave surfaces; or the converse, the interest in the first human signs, the desire to unravel, that leads his hand to the drawing of these shapes—stream­ing lines, scratches, semi-erased images. Is it not precisely this interest that motivates him to formulate the idea of the archaeo-layers of human consciousness? Without being able to provide a definitive answer, I find in the imagerial suite of the artist a bridge mysteriously spanning the millennia. Does the present, 21st century not enter a new phase of visual thinking that has its correspondences with what was bequeathed to us by distant ancestors?

The gamut of sensitivity, the range of visual responses, is impressive; from images awakening musical associations to focused sign-enigmas. As a free artist, Zahari Kamenov is not a slave to historical fact, but liberally handles the forms that have impressed him.“

Ruzha Marinska