Rumen Skorchev, paintings and lithography 27.09.-11.10.2022

Rumen Skorchev /1932-2015/

paintings and lithography


“Whoever knows, understands and loves the language of plastic space and form – knows what Rumen Skorchev is for the movement and the self-awareness of Bulgarian art as an expression of complex and deep suggestions, an art of refined poetics and exquisite plasticity, and above all
as a spiritual territory on which some of the most exquisite and beautiful flowers of the Bulgarian plastic culture grew and developed.
The art of Rumen Skorchev is a personal experience of an intimate plastic space – destroyed and reaching us in a new structure, in which the picturesque form, the emotional meaning of color, graphic culture and drawing transform it into a peculiar universe, in which the real and the unreal, the visible and the invisible live in the plastic legislation of the author.”
Svetlin Rusev, 2015