Yana Petkova-Karakashova, paintings 20.01.-05.02.2021

Yana Petkova – Karakashova



“The ARTE gallery has organised a solo exhibition of Yana Petkova. The artist is being represented in a broader light with works in a variety of techniques: acrylic paintings, China ink landscapes and collages.
I often think how difficult it is nowadays, amidst a whirlwind of visual diversity, bombarded by ever-changing trends, genuine or fake, to listen to your own voice and to find your own unique expression. Such thoughts are coming to my mind as I stand before Yana Petkova’s works. I remember her first creations while she was still in college, then her contributions to many exhibitions, mainly collages, as well as the ARTE gallery-organised exhibition of the family she belongs to, a family we associate with the unforgettable and illustrious Prof. Nayden Petkov.
A fusion of natural talent and creative energy, this exhibition’s selection reveals a world with distinctive personal characteristics: unmistakable emotionality expressed in subtle nuances, a sense for the pulse of colours and textures, and in some cases a not entirely outgrown decorativism in the form, possibly a trace of her academic background. This is precisely where I see Yana Petkova’s future: in expanding these artistic and spiritual horisons and leaving her own unique mark there.
I wholeheartedly wish this young artist integrity and openness for the challenges of the twenty-first century!”
Ass. Prof. Ruža Marinska, January 2021

Yana Petkova was born in 1982 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Special interests & fields of work:

Unique hand-made paper; monotipy; printing, stamping, various graphics & painting techniques.

Members of the Union of Bulgarian Artists – sections Textile

Educational background:

2006 – 2008 – MA in textile, Applied Arts Department, ”National Academy of Arts” (NAA) Sofia, Bulgaria.

2001 – 2005  – BA in textile, Prof. Anna Boyadjieva’s Workshop, Applied Arts Department, “National Academy of Arts” (NAA), Sofia, Bulgaria.

1996 – 2001- National High School for Applied Arts , Sofia – Graduated as a Toy Designer

Solo exhibitions:

2006 November – “In November” Solo exhibition of hand-made paper, “Noema” Gallery, Sofia.

2006 August  – “On A Wall” Exhibition, “ENA” Gallery, Sofia.

International activities:

2008 April– Exhibition in “Marmara University”, Turkey – selected works of professors and students of all departments of “National Academy of Arts” (NAA), Sofia.

2008 February – Exhibition of selected student works of all departments of “National Academy of Arts” (NAA), Sofia – in “The Academy of Fine Arts”, Warsaw, Poland.

2005 June –“Youth Festival & Paper exhibition”, Skopje, Makedonia.

Latest Artistic activities:

2020 November – “Textile – artistic and avant-garde” at National Gallery, Kvadrat 500, Sofia.

2018 November – Family Petkovi – 100 years since the birth of Naiden Petkov, “Arte” gallery, Sofia.

2018 November –  Amateras Foundation, ‘Messages in paper”, Sofia Paper Art Fest , National Palace of Culture( NDK), Sofia.

2017 June – “Directions” The textile after the 90`s – Textile Department at the “Union of Bulgarian Artists“ (UBA) in Burgas Art Gallery, “ Petko Zadgorski”.

2016 December – Mini-Textile Exhibition – department of textile -at the “Union of Bulgarian Artists” (UBA) in “Sofia Press” Gallery, Sofia.

2015 December – Christmas exhibition painting, ceramics, handmade paper, textiles and more …”Evrika” Gallery, Sofia.

2015 May – Exhibition -“Point”- The Night of the Museums and Galleries in the Art Gallery “Vladimir Dimitrov – The Master” in Kyustendil, Bulgaria.

And many others…