Vassilka Moneva, painting 13-27.02.2023

Vassilka Moneva




“For Vassilka Moneva, Home doesn’t represent the physical dimension, that we could initially imagine. The Home for her are the picturesque interiors, her still lifes, but also the urban landscapes, bearing the delicate human presence, which she tirelessly painted over the years. And here is the Home, in which Vassilka Moneva has invited us today- a dreamy, emotional and colorful world of the artist, but at the same time it draws our attention to the contemplative imagery of the past.
And I wonder where Vassilka actually lives? Does she live here and now or somewhere else? We see, she has intertwined her beloved and recognizable painting with another, new, but parallel reality of her own. Captivated by the achievements of European artists from the beginning of the 20th century, Vassilka Moneva easily “jumps” into their paintings, peers over their shoulder into their canvases, and her mind paints her own new metaphysical realities. As a child, she is fascinated by the personality, innovation and mastery of the French pointillist Georges Seurat.
She is inspired in this current exhibition by his “Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of Grand Jat”. She is fascinated by the crowded, but at the same time quiet world of the painting. This „home“ challenges her and like a mischievous child, the artist enjoys stretching space, she travels carried by fantasy ships with spread sails back in time. Vassilka Moneva decides to sketch the state of the big picture, setting the tone in it. He deconstructs Seurat’s original, fragments its content and, like a puzzle, arranges around it his own colorful interpretations.
Vassilka Moneva creates a new home, her own home, a kind of installation of the creative imagination, but also of the enjoyment of the provocation to work on or with Seurat”.

Angela Daneva, 13 February 23