Michalis Garoudis, paintings 05.10.2021


Michalis Garoudis



One is permitted to think about the works of art of Michails Garoudis, a Greek painter, who combines semi – photographic realism of his incredible series devoted to stone granules using matter, colour and light with hallucinating truth. Achieved with wooden fragments, ropes and metal objects, which intensify the enigmatic chapter of excessively sharp dogmatics of the plasticity.

The high waves break on the strange beaches of Garoudis where the time of history washes away in collision and bursts of deadly humour. The visual syntax of the Greek artist opens to us doors of space, where the intervals of visible crevices draw no pictures of chaos by a melodic line of a metaphysic anxiety; heads of broken statues, stone columns of broken temples, fragments of pieces, which are the scars of wounds, done by the time.

Joseph Paul Scheider

Garoudis Michalis

1940 Born in Didimotiko, Greece

1948-1986 – region in Hungary and Bulgaria

1955-1960 – graduating the secondary school of arts in Sofia

1960-1965 – studies at the Academy of Arts “Nikolay Pavlovich” in Sofia with Prof. Ilia Petrov

Sins 1986 – residing and creating in Thessaloniki, Greece

One – man shows: in Sofia, Paris, Thessaloniki, Athens, Luxemburg, Vienna, Mykonos, Moscow, Prague, Cannes, Madrid and others.

His pictures are in many museum in Bulgaria and the museums Gulandri – Pierdis, Vores, Rizos, Akihito, Omar Sherif, Maxwel, etc.