Arte Gallery is a guest of Sredets Gallery 16-31.01.2023

Arte Gallery is a guest of Sredets Gallery

Steps in Time Part II – Painting and Sculpture


Angel Stanev, Aneta Dragushanu, Angelo Krasini, Atanas Atanasov, Bozhidar Bonchev, Vasilka Moneva, Vladimir Morzohanov, Desislava Mincheva, Dimitar Nikolaev, Elza Goeva, Emil Pipov, Zahari Kamenov, Ziyatin Nuriev, Ivan Gazdov, Ivan Dimov, Ivan Rusev, Kalina Mavrodieva, Kiril Mateev, Kiril Meskin, Kancho Kanev, Lyuben Genov, Ludmil Lazarov, Milko Bozhkov, Nadezhda Kuteva, Nikolay Stoev, Nikolay Yanakiev, Rumen Malchev, Svilen Blazhev, Sevda Poturlyan, Stanimir Zhelev, Stanislav Pamukchiev, Stefan Lutakov, Yuliy Takov, Yana Petkova, Yasen Gyuzelev

I see the place and the role of Arte Gallery in the cultivation, in the confirmation and in the popularization of those tendencies and trends, which, regardless of the peculiarities of the modern digital environment and as if beyond the non-traditional forms and innovations in today’s art, represent a visible and convincing testimony of the deep and invariable human needs for plastic creativity. Such a program of the Arte Gallery, which it has successfully defended for years, expresses as much a respect for traditions as a desire for their constant updating, as well as for defending the artist’s freedom of personal choice.

Chavdar Popov, 2022

Over the years, Arte Gallery defended its own position, with responsible and dignified behavior, with consistent proving art’s high aesthetic and spiritual purpose – to discover and expand the sensory and suprasensory world, to awaken intuitions about nature and truth, the will for meaning and inner freedom.

Stanislav Pamukchiev, 2022