Atanas Atanasov and Stanimir Zhelev, Icons, 14.12.2020 – 18.01.2021


Atanas Atanasov and Stanimir Zhelev


14.12.2020 – 18.01.2021


The present exhibition was planned and prepared over a year ago, and is theme-related to the forthcoming Christmas holidays. It glows in soft light with golden reflections, shows an impressive painting technique and reveals an original interpretation of the traditional icon art. The two artists started their successful collaboration as students at the Academy of Fine arts and   have been working in close cooperation for more than 30 years. Their creative endeavors has unwaveringly led them to this exquisite image of pastel nuances and white background.

This is their second joint icon exhibition in ARTE Gallery. It is for the first time that the artists have displayed four home icons- triptychs: Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary and some saints –St George, St Mina, St John the Baptist and some others. The exhibition includes some icons in big size in mural painting technique, executed on plasterboard panel, as well as some sketches.