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90 YEARS OF BIRTH (1933-1992)


 “The drawing – a pattern of the world”-  Dimitar Kazakov-Neron

June 22, 2023 marked the 90th anniversary of the birth of Dimitar Kazakov, and this is the very special reason to organize a chamber exhibition of his work in the Arte Gallery.

Kazakov’s world is too vast and rich, so we decided to focus on a short and not so popular segment of his creative path. We take viewers back to the 1960s, when Neron was very young, studying “Graphics” at the National Academy of Arts and mastering drawing boldly and tenderly – from themes of motherhood, family, women and peace to self-portraits, wild animals and erotic scenes. The exhibition contains drawings, watercolors and graphics from private collections – the so-called Arte Gallery series “From collections to collectors”.

We tell about the early work of Kazakov, when the author formed his own style. For him, the drawing is “the beauty of whiteness, as a pattern of the world, as a particular opinion, called a personal feeling…. A beautiful drawing is a gentle song, an exquisite and subtle poetics of feelings, it is not a symphony, but that does not prevent it to lead us to majestic states, to the desire to know and embrace the world.” (personal archive of the artist, published by G. Shapkarov – “Signs of my Self”, 2008)…………see more