Ivan Dimov’s anniversary exhibition 1-18.03.2023

Ivan Dimov’s anniversary exhibition


“Ivan Dimov draws figurative elements and suggestions of a rich microcosm saturated with hidden meanings, from the past and present, with the power of emotional memory. This is the realm of pure impulse and unadulterated interest, when the child looks with open eyes at everything that surrounds him. It recreates the cyclic nature of natural rhythms, the unity of man and nature, the spiritual fusion between them, the state of deep empathic connection between “I” and the Universe.

The artist builds a subjectively colored pictorial microcosm in which the personality finds its foundations, its confidence and meaning of existence. At the same time, the author plays with and gives expression to nostalgic intonations containing a rich layer of associations and ambivalent emotional states. Nature and imagination, actuality and memory, reality and romance are distributed equally in the general aura of the painting.

Somewhat conditionally, we could define the paintings, graphics and drawings of Ivan Dimov with the term “poetic realism”, with all the conventionality of such formulations. The lack of a specific plot, the muted and varied transitions and lyrical intonations, the tonal accents, the associative subtext bring into the bosom of the contemplative mood and perception. In his latest works, Ivan Dimov specifies and clarifies new concepts and plastic principles.
The traditional oppositions “figures and space” or “objects and environment” lose their meaning and seem to turn into a whole, “living”, “breathing” and expressive painterly substance, with pulsating spatial plans, close to the essence of abstract expressionism”.

Prof. Chavdar Popov