Yordan Parushev, painting, 15.02.-04.03.2022

Yordan Parushev

“Carry over life”



Throughout the years Yordan Parushev has been following his urge for authenticity undergoing several stages: hard work, conscientious and consecutive implementation of ideas, new way of thinking being combined with great experience, tradition, world wisdom and modern blasts to rearrange and find the reference points to step on and create purity of individual plastic language.
Yordan Parushev has gained special place in contemporary Bulgarian art focusing attentively and extricating the intrinsic artistic perspective deeply motivated by the obsessive and intimately close experience of art and by its mystically hidden vibration. Seduced, cordially bound, enjoying the pure harmony of plastic matter Yordan has turned his obsession into a constant artistic trade mark representing the qualitative characteristics of his art.
Actualy he “artpaints” with colour paper keeping and disclosing the autonomous characteristic of the material. Multilayer pasting, rich blending of transparent, semi-transapent and dense layers, the complex quivering of delicate colourful harmonies and the subtle grading of tones and textures define an utterly sublime aesthetic and artistic expression.
Purity, subtle sensitiveness of surfaces and materials, delicate quiver of structures and textures, tender colour hues accomplish the complete artistic synthesis, the importance of plastic idiom with permanent and rich impressions. Externally constraint, distant and quiet, internally saturated Yordan Parushev’s paintings bring out their aesthetic value up to ethic
corrective and their plastic vibration to emotional and spiritual movement.

prof. Stanislav Pamukchiev