Chavdar Petrov, Life by the river – paintings 8-20.04.2024

Chavdar Petrov

Life by the river

Paintings, 8-20 April 2024

It’s dawning! The fog floats in thick billows over the silvery river. The sun tries to penetrate through it. Flocks of birds disturb the silence of the silent shore. Here, the warm gray silhouettes of ropes and poles appear as mysterious shadows. The branches of the trees cut through the sky like a magic net. The mystical silhouettes of frozen barges touch the Danube shore.

The feeling is divine!

You walk to the great river and feel that you are alive, that you breathe freely. This feeling has nothing to do with the gray everyday life of this world.

The real river is your friend and will never betray you!

Chavdar Petrov, April 2024