SEVDA POTURLYAN, paintings – 14-31.01.2020




Sevda Poturlyan was born in 1971 in Sofia


1996, Fine Arts and Book Layout Department at National  Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria


Professional experience

 2004 – member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists


Solo exhibitions

2015 – Gallery Paris, Sofia, Bulgaria

2013 – Gallery Artamontsev, Sofia, Bulgaria

2009 – Galerie en Beeldentuin De Queeste, Heerde, Holland (together with Antonia Angelova)

2009 – Presentation of the book When God was on Earth, publishing house Agata-A, Academy Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2008 – Council of Europe, Strasburg, France (together with Emanuela Kovach)

2004, 2002  – Artamontsev Gallery, Sofia

2003 – Vedart Gallery, Sofia

2002 – Sredets Gallery, Sofia


2015 – Second award in The International Biennale of Miniatures “VoVa” – MINIArt 2015, Hungary

2009 – Nomination for Award Hr.G. Danov in section Art of the Book

2008 – Nomination for Bronze Lion Award by The Bulgarian Book association for the book “When God was on Earth”

2006 – Award for Excellence in section Graphic Design at the National Exhibition “The Art of Bulgarian Book”, Sofia, Bulgaria

2006 – Second Award at the Painting Contest ‘Schmincke’, organized by Cobalt, CIBANK Gallery and Union Of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia, Bulgaria

2005 – Award for Excellence for Young Author at exhibition “The Artist And The Text”, Sofia, Bulgaria

2004 – Sponsor’s Award by TRACE at the First Balkan Quadrinnale of Painting  “ Myths and Legends Of My People”, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

2002 – Award for Young Author at the First Biennial of Small Forms, Pleven, Bulgaria