DIMITAR NIKOLAEV, 13-25.05.2022

Photo: Geo Pavlov




“Words beyond sentences” is the phrase that brings together the works in this exhibition. I have always listened intently to the language of Nature, and have followed the rhythm of its dynamic symmetries. Thus I feel alive and free to play with a mind well prepared. The driving force behind my work is the pursuit of the simple existence of the objet d’art. The bare constructs of the brain are alien to me. I keep trying to avoid any dependence on the ego. In the deep recesses of intuition, I seek to shake off the lifeless wrappings of habit, professional confidence and ambition. These mould Frankenstein’s face. The snare of analysis ruins the MYSTERY. The quest for a simple word beyond the structure of the sentence – here is my source of inspiration. With a free spirit, which gives full scope to my imagination, I discover and give substance to narrow momentary chinks in the materiality of time… Thus I create a peculiar aesthetic reality, which helps me find the face and the life of my objet d’art. That said, I’d rather forget, and I’d rather you forgot, about all of the above. In this way, I hope, I’ll manage to set myself free from the comforts of the familiar, and make a step towards the simplicity of truth and towards the genuine “Self ”. / Dimitar Nikolaev/

Dimitar Nikolaev Born: 1950 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Education: 1981 – Ceramic in National Art Academy in Sofia, in class of prof. Venko Kolev. Selected exhibitions: 1984 – International Exhibition of Ceramics, Valorie, France 1986 – International Exhibition of Applied Arts, Hungary. 1988 – Exhibition of Applied Arts, Germany. 1990 – Design of the settings for Verdi’s Opera “Rigoletto”. Summer Opera Festival, Holland. 1990 – One-man show in Vinkega, participation in group exhibition in Zwolle and Eindhoffen, Holland. 1995 – One-man show in Vinkega, Holland. 1998 – Group exhibition of the invitation of the crafts chamber of Koblenz Bonn, Kоеln and Essen, Germany. 1998 – Award of Spring Hall of Union of Bulgarian artists, Sofia. 2000 – One-man show in Leevarden, Holland. 2001 – Participation in exhibition “Open Stal” – Oldeberkoop and Frieseland, Holland. 2002 – Award from competition of Union of Bulgarian artists in “Cite international des arts”, Paris. 2003 – One-man show in gallery “Elektra”, Malaga, Spain. 2005 – Exhibition “Handwork Koblenz 55+”, Koblenz, Germany. 2006 – One-man show in gallery “Rakursi”, Sofia. 2007 – Participation in “Awards for Contemporary Bulgarian Art 2006”, Sofia, Bulgaria. 2008 – Exhibition “Ceramic”, Koblenz, Germany. 2010 – One-man show in 1908 Gallery, Sofia.