BISERA VALEVA, drawings and painting 21.03.-05.04.2024





 drawings and painting


 “Nostalgia is sometimes filled with meanings directly related to the human condition itself…”.

Mircha Eliade. Images and symbols. S., 1998

We often think that when we leave a place with familiar objects, faces and events, we also leave our memories. Traveling is fascinating. But moving to different geographical points, we find the same waters, into which we enter as the same people. It does not matter whether it is the waters of the Naab River or a lost place of salvation, the biography of the memory remains the same. Dusk and fleeting reflections remain the last topos that invariably return us with constant emotion to the diffuseness of the past. Doubts and insomnia could, of course, be literal, because then they would be happily overcome, since concreteness does not tolerate intermediate states.

The presented works consciously seek counterpoint in the combination of large and small, light and dark. While some are intended to “breathe the air” of large exhibition spaces, others in their intimate size invite the viewer to self-absorption and personal communication with the image. But they are all related to different journeys and specific inner states, experiences, emotions that can be realized, but at least not illustratively.

Because, as Mircha Eliade, with whom I began, says, “…if there really is a complete (emotional) solidarity of the human race, it could only be felt and “manifested” at the level of the Images (we do not say the subconscious, since nothing proves that there is a superconscious too)’.

Bisera Valeva, March 2024