Arte Gallery presents solo exhibitions by contemporary Bulgarian artists who are well established as well as emerging talents. We aim to showcase a representative image of the contemporary Bulgarian art and to demonstrate that the artists with whom we work have a well-deserved place on the European art scene.

Over the past 17 years we have had a long and interesting way, we have opened many exhibitions and many people have become our devoted fans, “well-wishers” and patrons, but all the while we have relied mostly on the artists themselves. Those of them who have worked with high professional standards, who have created and accomplished their art projects especially for us and who have supported our ideas with heart and soul and have motivated us wholeheartedly.

Unfortunately we said our last goodbye to some of our favourite artists such as: Svetlin Rousev, Stoyan Tsanev, Olga Vulnarova, Vessa Vasileva, Maria Stolarova, Lilyana Rouseva, Ivan Andonov, Margarita Pueva, Roumen Skorchev, Vladimir Goev. Their exhibitions and the moments spent with them will last forever in our hearts!

Since December 2017, we have moved to a new address- 31 Buzludza str. About 40 square meters exhibition area, as well as 150 square meters yard are at the disposal of our visitors not only for the official openings, but also for original statuary art exhibitions, performances and other art events.

Gergana Borisova